City of Gaithersburg, Bronze Sculpture, “Upward Bound,” 5’x3’12”   2013


Potomac, MD    Bronze Sculpture,  “Dancing Girls,”  18”x20”x12”   2011


Town of Herndon, VA., Bronze Sculpture, “Community Circle,”  3’x3’x3’ 2009


Town of Franklin, MA.  Bronze Sculpture, “Hats Off,” 3’x3’x3’  2008


Rollins Ridge Retail Park, Rockville, MD,  Bronze Sculpture, “Lift Off,” 8’x5’x3’   2007


Oak Street School, Franklin, MA,  Bronze Sculpture, “The Fox,” 3’x3’x3’



Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, GA    Two Bronze Sculptures, each 4’x2’x2’  2005


Washington Hebrew Congregation, Potomac, MD, Bronze Sculpture,  “Tradition”  6’x4’x2’ 2003


Washington Square of D.C.  Bronze Sculpture, Juried, “Fox and Friends,”  3’x3’x3’   2003


North Lincoln Park, D.C. at 13th and Constitution Ave, N.E., Bronze Sculpture, “Balance,”  12’x3’x4’  2002


Columbia Arts Center, MD,  Bronze Sculpture, Juried Exhibition, 2002


Temple Isaiah, Lexington, MA, Bronze Sculpture, “Dance of Light,”  4’x3’x2’  2000


William Breman Jewish Home, Atlanta, GA. Bronze Sculpture, 4’x3’x2’  2000


Private Commission, Bronze Sculpture, Potomac, MD, “Twin Sisters,”  18”x14”x15”  2000


Rock Creek Cemetery, D.C.,  Bronze Sculpture, “Ascending,”  6’x3’x2’  1999


Brookside Gardens, Maryland,  Juried Show,  Bronze Sculpture 1999


Delaplaine Visual Arts Center, MD   Bronze Sculptures,  First Annual Invitational Sculpture Show,”  1999


Montgomery College,  Rockville, MD,  Bronze Sculpture,  “The Bicyclists.”  Special Exhibition on College Grounds   1998-1999





City of Rockville, MD,  Twinbrook Community Center,  Bronze Sculpture, “Taking Flight,”  8’x5’x3’  1999


Strathmore Hall Arts Center, N. Bethesda, MD, Bronze Sculpture, “The Granddaughters,”

3’x3’x’2’  1996


Wheaton Metro Center, Wheaton, MD Bronze Sculpture, “The Commuter,”  6’x5’x3’  1992


Silver Spring Library, MD  Bronze Sculptrue,  “The Lion and the Mouse,” 4’x3’x2’ 1990


Westbrook Elementary School, Rockville, MD,  Painted Wood Mural,  “The Reading Tree, 12’x12’  1990


Watkins Mill High School, Gaithersburg, MD Bronze Bas Relief 8’x4’ 1989


Woodside Urban Park, Silver Spring, MD  Bronze Sculpture,  “The Juggler,”  6’x5’x3’  1989


Strawberry Knoll Elementary School, Gaithersburg, MD,  Bronze Sculpture,   “The Reading Bench,” 6’x4’2’ 1989


Sequoyah Elementary School, Rockville, MD  Ceramic Mural, “The Wild Things,”  8’x4’   1989


Greencastle Elementary School. Silver Spring, MD  Ceramic Mural, “Flying Kites,”  12’x10’  1989


Davis Library, Bethesda, MD  Bronze Sculpture,”Taking Off,”  5’x3’x1’   1988


Woodlawn Conference Center, MD  Bronze Sculpture,  “The Inner Light,”  5’x4’x3’  1988


Clopper Mill Elementary School, MD  Bronze Bas Relief, “Children at Play,”  6’x4’


RosemaryHills Elementary School, Chevy Chase, MD  Bronze Bas Relief,  “Jungle Scene,”  8’x4’  1988


Flower Hill Elementary School, MD  Two Bronze Sculptures,  “The Brementown Musicians”  6’x5’x3’  and “Copernicus.”  6’x5’x3’   1987


Bradley Hills Elementary School,  Bethesda, MD  Bronze Sculpture,  “Discovery of Maryland,”  30”x24”x10”   1985